What we provide

Hot Meals

We are passionate about the food we provide for the children. We try our very best to cater for all their needs and dietary requirements. We understand that every child has their preferences when it comes to eating. So at STV we try to encourage them to try different foods however we will also ask for their opinion and preferences while we're preparing it i.e. no sauce or no melted cheese.


At STV we want to make sure our children are happy when they come to the setting. After a long day at school, it's so important for us to provide this service for them.


Activities, Games and IT 

  • Arts, crafts and needle work
  • Reading and writing stories
  • How to plan a small business (making jewellery or designing you own app)
  • Cooking/baking
  • Decorating/designing patterns
  • Drama imaginary play/dressing up 
  • Dance, music competitions and Karaoke awards (to encourage children with confidence)
  • Physical games and sports. Team challenges like Football, Basketball, Tennis etc...
  • Board games
  • Construction and Lego model making
  • Outdoor/indoor play
  • ICT 
  • Homework support (only if requested by parents) for ages 5-10 years
  • Reading support 
  • Trips to local parks, museums and libraries

Holiday Club - trips to the cinema, seaside and end of Summer Coach trip to a UK destination of our choice.


All children are encouraged to take part in the daily activities, that are planned on a monthly bases, but are not forced if they don't want to take part. Its a long school day for children sometimes, so some children may feel like they just want to relax, have a chat with their friends or generally 'JUST CHILL AND ZEN' after a busy day.