What We Offer

Quality and affordable afterschool childcare in Beckton. 



We provide:

~ Pick-up and drop-off service from home

~ Child collection service from various schools within the Beckton area

~ Emergency collection service for your child is available


Our service hours:


3:15 to 6:15pm

Late collections available till 6:45pm but at an extra cost

Fees are payable in advance by cash, bank transfer or childcare vouchers/tax free childcare





We have several activities that the children can set up independently; from board games, to reading books and Arts and Crafts of their choice. We also encourage physical activities such as ball games, other team challenges and running games.


At STV (Set The Vibe), we also put together group activities in order to make your children feel welcomed and involved. Our activities play a significant role in improving soft skills for those who regularly attend. These skills will assist your children in their everyday lives inside and outside of STV and they include:

  • fitting in with peers
  • understanding the value of teamwork
  • improving communication
  • problem solving
  • independent thinking


Technology has near enough taken over the world, at STV, we think it is important for us to bring forth the sentimental value of these activities so that your children do not show signs of anti social behaviour and instead show that they are more outgoing and up for the task. 


We do plan seasonal activities for the children to enjoy and special day celebrations such as:

  • Valentines day
  • Pancake day (Shrove Tuesday)
  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Ramadan

plus more...

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